motorcycle disc lock
motorcycle disc lock

Oxford Quartz XD6 Motorcycle Disc Lock

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Oxford Quartz XD6 Disc Lock 6mm Pin

• Ideal for scooters & motorcycles
• Twin spar lock chassis for double strength & cut resistance
• Alloy construction with 6mm or 10mm hardened locking pin
• Unique design includes minder cable attachment eye

Brand: Oxford
Category: Motorcycle Locks  (Disc Locks)


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Oxford Quartz XD6 motorcycle Disc Lock 6mm Pin – All Colours

• Tough & durable motorcycle disc lock to secure all scooters & motorcycles
• Alloy construction with 6mm hardened locking pin
• Twin spar lock chassis for double strength

Secure your scooter or motorcycle: This Quartz XD6 disc lock from Oxford is tough and extremely durable. The twin spar lock chassis gives the lock double strength and resistance to cutting. The lock pin is 6mm of hardened alloy constructed steel for high security. This lock even features a minder cable attachment eye which means that you can hook up an Oxford Minder cable. This will either remind you to lock up your bike or remind you that you have your bike locked in order to avoid an unintentional ride off with the bike still locked.

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